Wavetrac LSD Package

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Weistec Engineering is proud to carry the Wavetrac Limited Slip Differential. Making more power is only usable when you can put it to the ground. This upgrade will provide improved traction and performance for your AMG vehicle in every day driving, drag racing and road racing situations by evenly distributing power to the rear wheels. Includes carrier bearings and axle seals.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Torque Biasing Helical System
  • Maximizes traction and minimizes wheelspin
  • Great performance in drag and road racing, as well as in normal street use
  • Smooth operation
  • Includes carrier bearings and axle seals

*Contact Weistec with your exact model and build date before ordering! Mercedes has had variation in production and we need to insure the proper unit is shipped for your application.

**Due to Mercedes casting variation, internal clearance modification may be required for proper fitment on some newer models.

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