Weistec Twin Turbo System Huracan

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* Allow 6-8 weeks for orders to be shipped.  Turbo systems are made to order.

The Weistec Twin Turbo Kit for the Lamborghini Huracan is designed and manufactured for those that want to have a well thought out, quality kit installed by their local preferred shop in less than a week. The complete kit includes all major components and hardware to allow for quick and straight forward installation by an experienced and qualified shop. As designed, the kit does not require engine/transmission/fueling upgrades but it certainly has room to grow well beyond the ~900HP it makes with the included ECU tuning for minimum 91 octane gasoline. Should you choose to upgrade the engine/transmission/fuel system at a later date, the turbos can support up to 1600hp, so those that eventually want more power can get it.


The Precision PT6266 Gen 2 turbos effortlessly make ~900HP at 7psi in this application. The standard boost level makes for good performance and consistency on California 91 octane fuel. Those that want more can certainly get more with higher octane fuel and further supporting upgrades.


All exhaust components are tig welded 304 stainless steel construction and flanges are CNC machined to ensure best quality. After welding, exhaust plumbing is brushed for a clean finished look.


Turbo blankets are included to keep heat in the turbine housings for better turbo response and to help reduce radiant heating of other components. A large heat shield is also included to protect the bumper from hot exhaust piping.


The Twin Turbo Kit features an intercooler system designed to be as effective as possible without requiring body or chassis modifications. All the coolant lines for the intercoolers are -12AN sized stainless braided lines that are also shielded. Each intercooler has its own side mounted heat exchanger with an aluminum shroud featuring dual Spal fans. The fans ensure that there is always good airflow across the heat exchangers to help keep intake air temperatures under control. The intercooler recovery tank bolts in behind the engine oil tank and has an integrated stainless steel heat shield to protect against radiant heat from the downpipes


  • 900 HP (750whp) at 7 PSI on 91 Octane
  • Precision Gen2 PT6266 turbos capable of 1600HP
  • Precision PW46 Wastegates
  • 50mm Bypass Valves
  • Dual Water to Air Intercoolers with -12AN Coolant Ports
  • Side Mounted Heat Exchangers with Dual Spal Fan Shrouds
  • 55gpm Water Pump
  • 304SS Exhaust Plumbing
  • Stainless Braided and Shielded Oil and Coolant Lines
  • Large Intercooler Recovery Tank with Built in Drain Valve and Stainless Steel Heat Shield
  • Stainless Steel Bumper Heat Shield
  • ECU Tune for 7-8psi Included
  • Relay Harness for Water Pump Included
  • Relay Harness for Heat Exchanger Fans Included
  • ECU Re-flash for up to 8 PSI of boost.

*Note: Weistec Twin Turbo Upgrade is a Special Order Item.

Note: This item is considered special order. (See Terms and Conditions)

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