M133 Downpipe

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Turbocharged vehicles love free flowing exhaust. The most restrictive part of the exhaust on the CLA 45, GLA 45 and A 45 cars are the downpipe. The factory downpipe contains a catalytic converter and has a very restrictive cross section where it passes between the engine and the subframe. The Weistec M133 Downpipe for the CLA 45, GLA 45, and A 45 is designed to have the best possible flow without any permanent modification to the engine or chassis and even makes use of the factory exhaust hanger. Countless hours were spent designing and testing the downpipe to ensure OEM fit and finish.

The 3” downpipe routes down under the engine into a slip connection to the midpipe. The midpipe has an integrated flex section and runs between the engine and the subframe. The midpipe mates to the factory or AMG sport catback exhaust.

Installation of the Weistec M133 Downpipe results in signifigant horsepower gains at the engine and a more aggressive exhaust note, both with the standard exhaust and the AMG sport exhaust option. If you want to make as much power as possible out of your CLA45, GLA45 or A45, the Weistec M133 Downpipe is a must.

Complete system includes Downpipe, Midpipe, and Hardware.

Key Features:

  • 100% mandrel bent and TIG welded
  • Constructed of low carbon 304 Stainless Steel
  • Easy bolt-on solution
  • Improves exhaust note

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