Forged Pistons, M113K

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The Weistec Engineering M113K Forged Pistons were designed and manufactured to address the weaknesses of the OEM M113K pistons.

Our 2618-T61 forged pistons feature larger ring lands, improved piston dish, skirts, and wristpin mounting while still weighing less than the OEM pistons. Stronger yet lighter 9310 Steel Wrist Pins are included with our forged pistons. Our wrist pins are compatible with the OEM rods as well as any aftermarket rod that is made to OEM dimensions. High quality piston rings designed for the heavy boost that a built M113K engine will experience are included as well.

Each piston comes with ceramic coating on the piston top for added heat resistance and Teflon coating on the skirts to reduce friction. All the key design features of our M113K Forged Pistons come together to result in an engine that can handle high power levels as well as rev more freely and efficiently thanks to significant weight savings on the rotating assembly.

Note: Pistons are designed for stock engine bore diameter. Before purchasing make sure your engine is within spec, read our M113K Piston to Bore Clearnce Guide in the documentation tab.

Key Features:

  • Maintains Factory Compression Ratio
  • 2618-T61 Forging
  • Ceramic Coated Piston Tops
  • Teflon Coated Piston Skirts
  • Improved Wrist Pin Material and Design
  • Significant Weight Savings Totaling 101.5 Grams
  • Compatible with OEM and OEM Sized Connecting Rods
  • Performance Ring Set Included
  • High Strength/Quality Design and Construction
  • Increased Power Capacity and Heat Dissipation


It is strongly recommended that customers send their M113K engines to our facility for installation of the Weistec Forged Pistons as part of a complete engine build.  No tech support will be offered for installation of pistons other than information regarding the bore clearance and orientation of the pistons.  Ring gapping information will not be provided.

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