Weistec C63 / C63S Adjustable Suspension, W205

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Weistec Adjustable Suspension System for the W205 C63 and C63-S converts the front to adjustable coilovers and adds an adjustable perch for the rear. The system features CNC machined billet aluminum construction, anodized and laser engraved with part numbers and directions to simplify installation and adjustment.  The adjustable perches feature ball spring set screws that allow you to «count the clicks» while adjusting ride height, making it easier to match side to side ride height adjustments.

The adjustable suspension system was designed to allow a wide range of adjustment in ride height, while still being able to maintain proper alignment without the need for special parts or tools. Perfected spring rates, chosen after thousands of miles both street and track testing, improve vehicle handling while height adjustments make for better fitment of aftermarket wheels and a more aggressive stance.

Key Features:

  • Bolt-On Installation
  • Simple Ride Height Adjustment
  • Ball Spring Set Screws
  • Engineered Spring Rates
  • CNC Machined and Laser Engraved Billet Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel Spanner Wrench
  • Hex Keys Included
  • Retains Factory Electronically Controlled Dampening System

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