W.3 Turbo Upgrade, M157

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M157 W.3 Turbo Upgrade

Hundreds of vehicles around the world have made the jump to the Weistec M157 W.3 Turbo Upgrade since being released in 2011. OEM appearance and reliably make the W.3 upgrade an easy decision. We have developed proprietary aerodynamics designed to optimize extreme pressure operation of the M157. The results are astonishing gains resulting in as much as 730 wheel horsepower.

Weistec Turbocharged 2014 E63S Wagon

Constructed of billet aluminum, our larger impeller wheel is 5-axis CNC machined and flows signifigantly more air. The light weight impeller design and latest machining technology results in very short spool up times and great overall power. Tailored for use exclusively with the factory M157 Garrett gt22 frame makes this a 100% bolt-on installation. No custom oil and water lines to leak, no headaches. Every factory line connects right to the new turbo, using factory gaskets.  Replacing the oil feed lines with new OEM Oil Feed Lines is recommended, especially on higher mileage vehicles.

For maximum results, the combination of our Weistec Downpipes, and Weistec High Flow Air Filters is recommended.  An M157 ECU Upgrade is required.

Key Features:

  • 5 Axis CNC Machined
  • High RPM Balanced for perfect operation
  • 100% Bolt on installtion
  • All hardware and gaskets are included
  • Increased Wheel Horsepower and Torque, on 91 octane with supporting upgrades

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