SLS Long Tube Headers

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+79 Wheel Horsepower, +58 Wheel Torque

The Weistec SLS Headers and Midpipes are designed for optimal performance whether your SLS is naturally aspirated, or Weistec Supercharged. The headers feature all Stainless Steel construction and include 3 inch Stainless Steel connector pipes that bolt up to the headers using high quality V-Band clamps while the other end of the connector pipes bolt up to the exhaust using the factory ball and slip fit joints. Any aftermarket catback exhaust that is designed to bolt up to the factory exhaust manifolds and catalytic converters will also work with our SLS Headers.

All models of SLS have very sensitive oxygen sensors. The Weistec SLS Headers feature a 4 to 1 design with 2 inch primaries merging into a 3 inch collector. This design allows for the primary oxygen sensor to be installed in the collector so that is can take readings from all the cylinders and still not be too far down the exhaust path. In our experience, some SLS’s exhibit idle issues and/or inconsistent power delivery as a result of delayed oxygen sensor readings. Our design keeps the oxygen sensor as close to the original position as possible to help ensure consistent readings.

600 WHP, SLS Black Series Dyno, Weistec Tune and Headers on 91 Octane!

SLS Black Series: Weistec Tune and Long Tube Headers

  • +79 Wheel Horsepower
  • +58 Wheel Torque

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 4 to 1 Design
  • Connector Pipes Included
  • V-Band Connection Between Headers and Connector Pipes
  • Bolt On Installation
  • 15 Lbs Weight Savings
  • 60-80hp Gain
  • OEM Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Included

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