M177 Intake Manifolds

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The Weistec M177 Intake Manifolds feature billet aluminum construction for increased strength, when compared to OEM plastic manifolds. Engineered and designed with increased plenum volume to support better flow and significantly higher power levels. The manifolds install directly in place of the OEM plastic manifolds making them ideal replacements for broken OEM manifolds, as well as a supporting upgrade for those looking to maximize the horsepower of their vehicle. Our manifolds are manufactured to allow port injection to meet the high fuel demands of large turbos and high ethanol content fuels. For those that do not want to run port injection, the manifolds include plugs and brackets to seal off the injector ports. Each manifold also has a 1/8″ NPT port that can be used as boost/vacuum reference points while also retaining all ports for OEM sensors and emissions connections.

-Intake manifolds
-Port injection block off plugs and brackets

-Mounting hardware

NOTE: Port injection fuel rails, lines, injectors, and controller are NOT INCLUDED

Optional Port Injection

For those customers that are looking to add Port Injection to the Weistec Intake Manifolds, we offer a complete set of fuel rails, brackets, fittings, and push-lock fuel lines designed specifically to fit perfectly to the manifolds. With this kit, you will be able to install injectors of your choice along with a port injection controller to greatly increase fuel system capacity. Fuel rails are machined from extruded -8 billet aluminum and all fuel line connections are -8 AN fittings to ensure correct sealing.


-Weistec -8 Billet Fuel Rails
-Fuel Rail Brackets
-8 Push Lock Fittings and Line
-Fuel Feed Line adapter
-Misc. Hardware

NOTE: Fuel injectors and port injection controllers are NOT INCLUDED. Expert install required

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