M133 Air Intake System

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The Weistec M133 Air Intake System is designed to remove as much restriction from the intake system as possible, while maintaining the benefits of the factory air box which has a large cold air inlet as well as integrated mounting for the vehicle’s ECU.  The inner diameter of the filter adapter, at 5 inches, is nearly double that of the stock filter adapter providing significantly improved airflow.  The Weistec system also has a very subtle appearance when installed, appearing stock to the untrained eye.  Substantial gains are delivered throughout the powerband resulting in noticeably improved performance and acceleration in comparison to the factory air intake.

For maximum results, the combination of our Weistec ECU flash is recommended.

Key Features:

  • +5 to 15 Horsepower
  • +5 to 15 lb-ft Torque
  • Improved Turbo Response
  • Increased Flow Area
  • Simple Bolt-On Installation
  • Subtle Appearance
  • Amplifies the performance of your Weistec ECU Tune
  • All Hardware Included

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