M113K Supercharger Tuner System

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* Allow 2-3 weeks for orders to be shipped.  Supercharger systems are made to order.

Tuner System

This system is perfect for those that are looking to customize the Weistec M113K Supercharger to their preferances.  The core hardware is the same as our M113K Supercharger System with one exception.  The Tuner System does not include fuel injectors. This gives the option of choosing which injectors to run based on your power goals and tuner’s recommendation or using upgraded injectors that are already installed.  A 67.5mm supercharger pulley is included with the system to run 12-13psi on an otherwise stock car.  Smaller supercharger pulleys are available for those that want to run higher boost.  After installation, an ECU calibration from your tuner of choice is required before driving the vehicle.

Weistec Customer goes 10.6 @ 134.4 mph in an E55

Fastest G55 in the World, Running Only the Weistec M113K Supercharger System and Exhaust.

Key Features:

  • 3.0L Twin-Screw Compressor Module Why Twin-Screw?
  • 1000hp Liquid to Air Intercooler Core
  • High Flow, Cast Aluminum, T6 Hardened Lower Manifold
  • High Flow, Cast Aluminum, T6 Hardened Intake Elbow and Throttle Body Inlet
  • Maintains Factory Electronic Bypass Valve
  • Hard Anodized Front Drive Bracket with Double Bearing, Belt Wrap Idler
  • HD 8 Rib Belt Tensioner
  • HD Supercharger Serpentine Drive Belt*
  • High Flow Billet Fuel Rail System**
  • Molded Silicone Air Pump and Throttle Body Coupler
  • Weistec Weaved Cotton Fiber Air Filter
  • New OEM Gaskets
  • Saves 50 Lbs. vs Factory Kompressor
  • 67.5mm Supercharger Pulley

*Note: Weistec M113K Supercharger is designed to run on the original diameter crank pulley, whether it be an OEM crank pulley, or the Weistec Modular Crank Pulley with a 150mm ring. The provided belt will only be compatible with a stock diameter crank pulley and the 67.5mm supercharger pulley provided.  Those running a larger diameter crank pulley should reinstall the factory crank pulley to ensure boost pressures are at appropriate and safe levels.

**Note: Fuel injectors are not included.  Consult your tuner of preference for their recommended fuel injectors for your power goals.

Note: This item is considered special order. (See Terms and Conditions)

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