F160 ECU Tune

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Weistec specializes in engineered performance solutions with designs that match and often exceed OEM levels of precision and quality. Our ECU Tune for the F160 engine is desinged to enhance the vehicle’s characteristics without compromising the drivability or reliability of the vehicle. What does all this mean to you?  More power, sharper throttle response, and a complete focus on the driver makes this the perfect addition to your Maserati for a much more enjoyable experience. For more information please feel free to contact our performance specialists via phone or email at

ECU Tuning Process: How do I get my ECU tuned?

Key Features:

  • Increased Boost
  • Optimized Fueling
  • Optimized Ignition Timing
  • Removed Speed Limiter
  • Increased Cruise Control Speed Limit
  • Optional Burble
*Power gains vary based on model, modifications, fuel, and running conditions.

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