Camshaft Cap Bolts, M156

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Weistec’s M156/M159 Camshaft Cap Bolts are a direct OEM replacement utilizing ARP hardware. The Bolt Set benefits from a significant increase in material strength over OEM. This allows for increased clamping forces on the M156 engine’s cam caps, inevitably putting an end to stress on your engine’s valvetrain. Unlike OEM units which stretch and warp, this bolt set can be effectively re-used time and time again when removing or replacing camshafts.

Whether you are installing Weistec CNC Ported Heads, assembling a completely built engine or simply upgrading to SLS Valve Buckets, this bolt set is a must!

Key Features:

  • 170,000 psi Tensile Strength
  • 140,000 psi Yield Strength
  • Direct OEM Replacement
  • Increased Clamping Force on Camshaft Caps
  • Reusable, unlike the factory bolts which are «one time use»

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