722.9 Competition Build Package, Converter

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722.9 Competition Build Package

The Weistec Engineering 722.9 Competition Build Package is a complete set of parts needed for building the 7 speed 722.9 transmission.  The most important part of the package is the Weistec 722.9 Clutch Packs which are also used in our Competition Transmission builds.  All clutches feature the new and improved Weistec Performance Clutch Material which was developed over two years of rigorous street and track testing with high power Weistec vehicles.  The new clutch material has a much higher coefficient of friction as well as better resistance to heat compared to the previous clutch material. Also included is a complete OEM gasket, seal, and hardware set.

This is the perfect option to build or rebuild the 722.9 transmission in an AMG vehicle to withstand far greater levels of torque than the factory transmission is capable of with minimal down time.

WARNING: Proper installation and adapting is required

Factory Mercedes transmission fluid required (filled per Mercedes Specified Procedure) upon installation.  Re-adapting the transmission after installation is required to ensure proper operation.  It is recommended that only an experienced transmission builder performs the installation.

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Key Features:

  • Complete Package
  • Increased Torque Capacity
  • Weistec Performance Clutch Material
  • Increased Number of Discs per Clutch Pack
  • Redesigned Clutch Piston Geometry
  • Increased Frictional Surface Area
  • Increased Clutch Material
  • New OEM Gaskets and Seals
  • New OEM Fasteners and Hardware

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